Troubleshooting Touch Machines

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Simplified Touch Machine Hardware Diagram

Most touchscreen arcade machines brands tend to follow a similar hardware setup as they were based on touch screen monitors meant for DOS/Windows computers. This means at the core, a touch machine is almost a regular old computer in a more rugged box.

Accordingly, most common issues are actually PC issues:

  • CMOS battery being empty after 20 years.
  • BIOS setup after replacing CMOS battery.
  • Mechanical hard drive corruption.
  • Bad connections between motherboard, RAM or PCI/ISA slots.
  • Dead power supplies.
  • Etc...

CMOS Battery

CMOS refers to a battery backed memory on the motherboard that stores BIOS settings. These contain critical settings like date, time, and hardware configs like which hard drive the computer boots from. This memory is usually powered from a CR2032 coin cell battery, which is meant to last up to 10 years. As a result this is one of the most common failures for machines right now.

The motherboard error for this is along the lines of "CMOS checksum error - Defaults loaded".

Replacing it is simple. Get a CR2032 battery, cut power to the computer and open up the enclosure, remove the old battery by pressing the clip on the holder and push in the new one. After this, you need to set up the bios settings again. Connect a keyboard to the computer and put in the specific settings in the reference manuals for your machine.