TAB Austria

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TAB Austria
PredecessorAutomaten Dattl
HeadquartersAnsfelden, Austria


TAB Austria, was established in 1962 in Austria as Automaten Dattl.

They moved onto placement of arcade machines in the 80's and eventually ended up making their own machines too. In 1996 they brought out their Silverball range of touch machines.

In a wild twist of events, they are still alive with Fun4Four, jukeboxes and casino machines, whereas most touch machine competitors have long since gone bankrupt.

Silverball Machines

1996 1998 2002 2005
Standup Silverball Classic Silverball Pro Silverball Strato
Bartop Silverball Beetle Silverball Beetle Pro Silverball Cosmo

In 2000, TAB released the MAX jukebox concept which added MP3 playback. All machines shown above were sold as a seperate MAX edition too.

Software Releases

Pre-Win9x Win9x WinXP
1996 V1*
1997 V2

V3 (?)

1998 V3
1999 V4*
2000 V5
2001 V6
2002 V7
2003 V8
2004 V9
2005 V10
2006 V11
2007 V12
2008 V13
2009 V14 V14
2010 V15
2011 V16
2012 V17
2013 V18

* These versions are unconfirmed to ever have existed but the math looks right, so take it with a grain of salt.