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Merit Industries, Inc.


Merit Industries, Inc., was established in 1977 in Bensalem, Pennsylvania.

In the early 1980s they started developing their own standalone video games, with around a dozen of poker machines being released in this decade. Their 1994 "Pit Boss: Supertouch 30" release started the Megatouch range of touch machines that ended up becoming a market leader in the US.

In 2002, the Harbour Group acquired Merit Industries. This division was combined with jukebox maker Rowe International to become AMI Entertainment Network in 2004. Megatouch, LLC was spun into its own entity in 2013 and closed in 2014.

Megatouch Machines

Megatouch Classic Generation Megatouch XL Generation Megatouch MAXX Generation Megatouch FORCE Generation Megatouch ION Generation Megatouch LIVE Generation
Megatouch Classic Countertop Megatouch XL Countertop Megatouch Blue MAXX Upright Megatouch FORCE Classic Megatouch ION Aurora Megatouch LIVE ML-1
Megatouch Classic Cabaret Megatouch XL Cabaret Megatouch Blue MAXX - MAXX Classic Megatouch FORCE Elite Megatouch ION Aurora Widescreen Megatouch Home
Megatouch Classic Upright Megatouch XL Upright Megatouch Full MAXX Megatouch FORCE Elite Edge Megatouch ION Elite Edge
Megatouch MAXX Select - Slim MAXX Megatouch FORCE EVO Megatouch ION EVO
Megatouch MAXX Upright Megatouch FORCE EVO Wallette Megatouch ION EVO Wallette - Entertainer
Megatouch EZ MAXX - MAXX Elite Megatouch FORCE Radion Megatouch ION Fusion
Megatouch FORCE Upright Megatouch ION Rx
Megatouch FORCE Fusion
Megatouch The Vibe
Megatouch Champ

The software running on their machines could be upgraded by buying a kit consisting of a Security Key and some kind of storage media (ROM Chips for earlier releases, CD\DVD-ROMs for the later ones). It was also possible to upgrade some machines from a specific generation to the next one (ex.: MAXX to Force), where the kit would also include additional hardware (motherboard and I/O card).

Megatouch Software Releases

Year Classic XL Maxx Force ION Live
1993 Pit Boss SuperTouch 30
1994 Pit Boss Megatouch

Megatouch II

1995 Megatouch III
1996 Megatouch III Tournament Edition

Megatouch IV

Megatouch IV Tournament Edition

Super Megatouch IV

Super Megatouch IV Tournament Edition

1997 Megatouch 5

Megatouch 5 Tournament Edition

1998 Megatouch 6 XL 5000

XL Super 5000

1999 XL 6000 MAXX
2000 Megatouch 7 Encore Edition XL Gold MAXX 2K

MAXX 2K Plus

2001 XL Platinum

XL Double Platinum

MAXX Diamond

MAXX Diamond 2

2002 XL Titanium

XL Titanium 2

MAXX Emerald

MAXX Emerald 2

Force 2002

Force 2002.5

2003 MAXX Ruby

MAXX Ruby 2

Force 2003

Force 2003.5

2004 MAXX Sapphire

MAXX Saphhire 2

Force 2004

Force 2004.5

2005 MAXX Jade

MAXX Jade 2

Force 2005

Force 2005.5

2006 MAXX Crown Force 2006

Force 2006.5

ION 2006

ION 2006.5

2007 Force 2007

Force 2007.5

ION 2007

ION 2007.5

2008 Force 2008

Force 2008.5

ION 2008

ION 2008.5

2009 Force 2009

Force 2009.5

ION 2009

ION 2009.5

2010 Force 2010

Force 2010.5

ION 2010

ION 2010.5

2011 Force 2011 ION 2011

ION 2011.5

Megatouch Live ML-1
2012 ION 2012 Megatouch Live ML-1
2013 ION 2013 Megatouch Live ML-1
2014 ION 2014 Megatouch Live ML-1

Megatouch Home

2015 ION 2015 Beta

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