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Funworld AG


Funword AG, was established in 1980 by Josef Öhlinger in Gmunden, Austria.

The company initially traded game machines, later expanding into software and hardware development. By 1987, it became a general importer for electronic dart game machines. In 1993, the company shifted its focus to developing what they call "socially acceptable products", meaning no porn, gambling or violence.

Their 1995 Photo Play touchscreen entertainment terminal concept became a smash hit. The Photo Play 2000 machine became the market leader in Europe, followed by a decade of growth, high sales and international "Photo Play World Games" competitions. The 2002 Funworld website stated there were 130.000 terminals worldwide, with 30 million annual players playing 1,2 billion games.

With the Apple iPhone coming out in 2007, touch screen arcades machines lost their novelty almost overnight and sales started to go down. In 2010, Funworld faced insolvency and was bought by Quanmax (later named S&T) for EUR 1.9 million. In 2016, S&T decided to retreat from the infotainment market and supported a management buy-out of its Funworld assets. The former Funworld sales director Rainer Eder founded Funworld GmbH. The spin-off however did not meet expectations and was sold at a loss for all Funworld shareholders in 2020.

Photo Play Machines

2000 Generation Net Collection Generation Xtreme Generation Pro Generation Plus Generation
Photo Play 2000 Photo Play Spirit 2.1 Photo Play Spirit Xtreme Photo Play Racer Pro Photo Play Spirit Plus
Photo Play Masters Touch2Web Photo Play Revival Xtreme
Photo Play Barry Photo Play Barry 2.1 Photo Play Sportster Xtreme Photo Play Sportster Pro
Photo Play Smart Photo Play Smart 2.1 Photo Play Smart Xtreme Photo Play Sprinter Pro Photo Play Smart Plus

Photo Play Software Releases

Year PTS-DOS Windows 98 (NG) Windows XP (XPE/XPO) Windows XP (Tulcham)
1998 1998
1999 1999

Touch Toy (Junior)

2000 2000
2001 2001

I.G.O. 1

2002 I.G.O. 2 N.G. Pro 1
2003 I.G.O. 3 N.G. Pro 2 (XPE)
2004 I.G.O. 4 Update 2004
2005 I.G.O. 5 Update 2005
2006 I.G.O. 6

I.G.O. Italy

Update 2006 System 2006
2007 I.G.O. 7 Update 2007 System 2007
2008 I.G.O. 8 Update 2008 System 2008
2009 Update 2009 System 2009
2010 Update 2010 System 2010
2011 System 2011
2012 Q1
2013 Q2

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